Rae Abileah speaks for boycotts

My name is Rae Abileah. I am an American Jew with family in Israel and I support this overture. While in the West Bank three years ago I visited the Ahava cosmetics factory and was shocked to see that it is located in an illegal settlement in the Occupied Territories. Ahava means love in Hebrew, but we know that there’s no love in profiting from stolen land.

The Presbyterian Church is not alone in calling for this boycott of illegal Israeli settlement products. In addition to Palestinian Christians and European governments, the former Speaker of the Israeli Parliament and World Zionist Organization leader Avraham Burg supports settlement boycott. Former Israeli Foreign Ministry director Alon Liel supports settlement boycott. Jewish-American political pundit Peter Beinart supports settlement boycott. And the list goes on…

Thank you Presbyterians for standing on the right side of history by affirming that the settlements are an obstacle to peace and justice and a violation of international law, fulfilling God’s instruction: “You shall not Steal.”

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