Rae Abileah speaks against war in Iran

My name is Rae Abileah. My family is from Israel. In March, on the 9th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, an Israeli father – Ronny Edry -posted an image on facebook of himself with his daughter and this banner that says “Iranians We Love You. We will never bomb your country.” Immediately, hundreds of Israelis began posting their own photos with the banner. 24 hours later Iranians responded with their own photos, saying “Israelis we love you. We will never bomb your country.”

The Presbyterian Church is now joining Israelis, Iranians, and people around the world to say: No war on Iran.

As we all know, Iran is not an imminent nuclear threat.

The only way to ensure the security of Iran, Israel and the US is through diplomacy and peaceful negotiations, as this overture calls for.

Let us come together, Jews and Christians, to prevent yet another war and ensure the sanctity of life.

Let us come together, as God’s children, to say to the Iranian people: We love you. We will never bomb your country.

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