Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb speaks for divestment

Shalom Aleichem, asalaamu aleikum. I am one of the first ten women rabbis in history. I’ve served the grassroots American Jewish community for 40 years. I speak for hundreds of thousands of Jews who oppose Israeli Occupation and want to see real change.

My rebbe, Everett Gendler, convinced Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel to walk with Martin Luther King. I stand in their legacy of nonviolent direct action and support selective divestment.

Home demolition to steal land is unethical. What would you do to stop home demolition? If you’re among tens of thousands of Palestinians, you can put your body in front of the bulldozer. You and your children will be beaten, arrested and then Israel will force you to pay for destruction of your own home. Positive divestment doesn’t stop home demolition. The Talmud teaches, “You shall not derive profit nor benefit from products used to promote violence. You shall not buy them, nor sell them.” According to Jewish law, Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions and HP are not kosher for use. Take courage. Give prophetic witness. Vote to divest.Ground all your interfaith relationships on principles of universal human rights.

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