Presbyterian 221st GA

This year in Jerusalem...The Presbyterian Church (USA) will decide this Summer at its bi-annual General Assembly in Detroit (June 14-21, 2014) whether the time has come to align its words with its actions and stop investing in Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions, and Hewlett-Packard–3 companies that profit from the Israeli occupation. This proposal comes from the grassroots of the church, having been approved for consideration by a number of Presbyteries across the United States. The proposal also comes recommended by the church’s Mission Responsibility Through Investment. This is the body of the church that implements the socially-responsible investment policies of the church. Read MRTI’s Report, in order to fully understand the bad behavior of these companies and the lack of progress in changing their behavior despite sustained corporate engagement.

We believe that the time to divest has come, and we support the church’s efforts.

There are additional overtures calling on the church to take economic action, by endorsing a boycott of Hewlett-Packard and by affirming the need for occupation­-free investments in Palestine as long as such investments do not contribute to the continuation of Israel’s occupation, including the building of Israeli settlements and barriers built on Palestinian land in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

These is a partial list of the overtures referring to Israel/Palestine to be discussed
at the General Assembly:

Overture 04-01: On Reviewing General Assembly Policy Regarding the Two­ State Solution in Israel Palestine
Overture 04-02: On Divestment from Caterpillar, Hewlett-­Packard, and Motorola Solutions
Overture 04-03: On Engaging Presbyterian to Witness for Palestinian Human Rights and for Ending the Occupation of Palestine
Overture 04-05: On Calling for a Boycott of All Hewlett­Packard Products
Overture 04-06: On Affirming Occupation­-Free Investment in Palestine
Overture 04-07: On Adopting the Mission Responsibility Through Investment (MRTI) Recommendation on Divestment
Overture 04-09: Resolution on Equal Rights for All Inhabitants of Israel and Palestine and on Conversations with Prophetic Voices
Overture 07-01: On Distinguishing Between Biblical Terms for Israel and Those Applied to the Modern Political State of Israel in Christian Liturgy

Here’s the voting guide of the Israel Palestine Mission Network of the PC(USA): pdf link
Here’s the briefing paper for Committee 4 by the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship: pdf link

Latest Presbyterian Updates

  • Presbyterian Divestment: An Evaluation of Anti-Divestment Claims and Assumptions Read more: Presbyterian Divestment: An Evaluation of Anti-Divestment Claims and Assumptions

    by Holly Bicerano

    The Presbyterian Church has received a heavy backlash recently for its decision to divest from three US companies that are aiding the Israeli occupation. The accusations against the Presbyterians and supporters of BDS have continued with little attention to detail. There is a lot to be said concerning the nature of the [...] Read more →

  • Inside the Presbyterians’ Divestment from the Occupation of Palestine

    by Carolyn Klaasen (pictured above, left, with Union M.Div. student Emily Brewer)

    On June 20 I sat in the stands of the Cobo Convention Center in Detroit, hands gripping those of my neighbor, waiting as the votes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) were slowly tallied on screen. When the final [...] Read more →

  • No, Presbyterian Divestment Is Not Anti-Semitic

    By Elisheva Goldberg

    Yesterday, Jane Eisner, with whom I most often agree, wrote about the Presbyterian vote to divest from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola Solutions. These are three companies that reportedly participate in the Israeli occupation of the West Bank by providing heavy equipment for the construction of the barrier-fence, the destruction of Palestinian homes [...] Read more →

  • Grapple with Reality


    In response to “How a radical anti-Israel Jewish group colluded with the U.S. Presbyterian Church” (Eric Yoffie, June 23). Rabbi Eric Yoffie refuses to grapple with the reality of the occupation or to address the role Jewish American institutions play in repressing concrete actions to end Israel’s ongoing human rights violations against Palestinians. How [...] Read more →

  • The Presbyterian Divestment Vote: Toward a New Model of Community Relations

    By Brant Rosen

    Jews and Presbyterians pray together during deliberations at the 2014 Presbyterian General Assembly in Detroit

    In the wake of the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s recent decision to divest from three companies that profit from Israel’s occupation, Jewish establishment leaders have been expressing their displeasure toward the PC(USA) in no uncertain terms.

    [...] Read more →

  • Presbyterian Divestment – A Jewish Perspective

    Monday, 16 June 2014, 5:36 pm Article: Tikkun Presbyterian Divestment – A Jewish Perspective

    by Cantor Michael Davis, Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council June 15, 2014

    The first time I wore a kippa and talit outside of a synagogue setting was four year ago outside a hotel in downtown Chicago overlooking the Chicago river. [...] Read more →

  • Why I Support Divestment—Becca Hanna

    Watch more Philadelphia videos on Frequency Read more →

  • I’m a Rabbi and I Support Presbyterian Israel Divestment

    A few years ago I was walking in the woods with a friend, a minister in the Dutch Reformed Church in Cape Town, South Africa. The Dutch Reformed Church was the leading promulgator of apartheid in South Africa, and they upheld the odious doctrine both politically and religiously almost to its end. I asked my [...] Read more →

  • Presbyterian Church to vote on divestment from companies that profit from Israeli occupation of Palestine


    Presbyterian Church to vote on divestment from companies that profit from Israeli occupation of Palestine.

    Jewish leaders support growing movement to divest from Israeli occupation.

    [June 5, 2014. New York] At its biennial General Assembly, June 14th to the 21st in Detroit, the 1.7 million-member Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) will [...] Read more →

  • First do no harm, J Street

    With nothing left to offer except hollow pep talks about the peace process, the liberal lobby is fighting BDS – together with the pro-Netanyahu, pro-occupation American Zionist right. Next stop: the Presbyterian Church USA’s General Assembly.

    What is J Street doing? Why is it acting in concert with right-wing Zionist organizations like AIPAC and StandWithUs [...] Read more →

  • An Israeli letter to the Presbyterian General Assembly

    Dear friends in the Presbyterian Church (USA),

    I am an Israeli Jew living in Tel Aviv. I will not be able to be present with you in Detroit this coming week. I volunteer my opinion with the hope that it may be of assistance to you as you make difficult decisions. I wanted to [...] Read more →

  • Open Letter to Presbyterian Church U.S.A. from the Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace

    I am writing this letter on behalf of a group of Americans of Palestinian Christian heritage, the Palestinian Christian Alliance for Peace. We feel deeply indebted to the Presbyterian advocates for the divestment overture, and we urge all Presbyterians to support it. Palestinian Christians, like the rest of Palestinian civil society, overwhelmingly support the use [...] Read more →

  • Presbyterian Peace Fellowship Reaches $150,000 with Occupation-Free Endowment Fund

    Young Adult Delegation to Israel-Palestine Confirms Call for GA Divestment

    As part of its larger Endowment Campaign, the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship has launched an Occupation-Free Fund for donors who do not want to invest in companies that enable or benefit from the Occupation of Palestinian Territories by the State of Israel. On May 28, 2014, [...] Read more →

  • Jewish Voice for Peace Responds to the Discussion Paper drafted by the Ecumenical and Interreligious Work Group of the Presbytery of Chicago

    Jewish Voice for Peace submitted this paper to the Ecumenical and Interreligious Work Group for inclusion as an attachment to “PCUSA Support for a Just and Peaceful Compromise,” but the Group refused to include it in the final paper, reportedly for fear that other Jewish groups would refuse to participate.

    American Muslims for Palestine issued [...] Read more →

  • JVP salutes church’s boycott of settlement goods

    Jewish Voice for Peace salutes the open letter from Gradye Parsons, Stated Clark of the General Assembly, where he reiterates the church’s support for a boycott of products manufactured in illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory. He explains that this action “is a response to a call by Palestinian civil society, as well as [...] Read more →

  • Jewish Voice for Peace supports Presbyterian divestment from Israeli occupation

    Oakland, CA, Feb 5, 2014 – Jewish Voice for Peace commends the Presbyterian Church (USA) as it considers divesting its assets from three multinational companies (Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola Solutions.) that profit from Israel’s military occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands. The recommendation to divest was issued by the socially responsible investment body of the [...] Read more →

  • Presbyterian delegation unanimously supports MRTI call to divest from Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions and Hewlett Packard

    Twenty-eight Presbyterians – artists, musicians, students, church leaders and activists – spent twelve days in January traveling in the Holy Lands and meeting with nonviolent activists from Israel and Palestine.

    Read more at the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship.

    Read more →

  • Dispatches from the Holy Land

    The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship has gathered a group of peaceseekers, mostly young adults, are currently serving on a two-week delegation trip to Israel and Palestine. This blog allows us to follow their journey daily.

    The goal is to give them the opportunity to witness the Middle East first hand and listen to the people on [...] Read more →

  • Targeted Boycotts and Divestments Are Pro-Israel

    Coauthored by Michael Zigmond and Naftali Kaminski

    Last week we attended the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) at the Pittsburgh Convention Center to listen to presentations and discussions of two resolutions of great relevance to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: namely, the boycott of products produced in Jewish settlements in the West Bank and [...] Read more →

  • An Open Letter to Presbyterian Clergy

    An Open Letter to Presbyterian Clergy by: Rae Abileah on July 11th, 2012

    From Two Jewish Social Justice Advocates

    Dear Reverends and Church-goers,

    Interfaith delegation including young Jews and rabbis with Jewish Voice for Peace who advocated for boycott and divestment at the Presbyterian General Assembly.

    We are writing to you as two young American [...] Read more →

  • Press Wrap-up from the 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA)

    Here is a partial list of press media hits regarding the Presbyterian GA’s overtures on Israel-Palestine (thanks to the St Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee who helped gathered most of this information).

    Huffington Post features Israel lobby propaganda in slander against the Presbyterian Church, Mondoweiss, July 17, 2012 Why did progressive U.S. Jewish groups oppose divestment?, [...] Read more →

  • Final IPMN Report from the 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA)

    July 9, 2012

    At the close of the 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA), the church’s Israel/Palestine Mission Network (IPMN) wishes to reflect on the results of the GA and to thank all of our friends, supporters, and the hundreds of church commissioners who took a stand for human rights and justice in [...] Read more →

  • JVP statement on Presbyterian vote at the 220th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA)

    More about JVP’s campaign for divestment here:

    Jewish Voice for Peace Statement on Presbyterian Church (USA) Vote on Boycott and Divestment from Companies Profiting from the Israeli Occupation


    Contact: Sydney Levy, sydney AT Rabbi Alissa Wise, alissa AT

    NEW YORK- July 6th, 2012

    Jewish Voice for Peace is heartened [...] Read more →

  • JVP’s Estee Chandler in Mondoweiss for divestment

    The occupation is extreme by Estee Chandler on July 5, 2012

    For the past couple of weeks I have been reading articles and letters written by leaders of Jewish organizations and activists urging the US Presbyterian Church not to vote to divest from three companies that profit off of Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, [...] Read more →

  • Presbyterian Outlook on Divestment

    Long-simmering divestment issue may come to a boil at 220th GA

    Written by MICHAEL JENNINGS, Outlook staff writer

    Among mainline churches, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has led the way in considering divestment as a means of defusing hostility and violence in Israel-Palestine.

    For eight years, while some other denominations have [...] Read more →

  • Presbyterians boycott Ahava Cosmetics and Hadiklaim dates

    For Immediate Release: July 3rd, 2012 Contact: Rev. John Anderson and Rae Abileah, rae[at] Presbyterian Church (USA) Middle East and Peacekeeping Committee Votes to Boycott Israeli Settlement Products

    Boycott Specifies Ahava Dead Sea Cosmetics and Hadiklaim Dates

    On Tuesday, July 3, the Middle East and Peacekeeping Committee (Committee 15) of the 220th Presbyterian General Assembly [...] Read more →

  • Coalition of Women for Peace in Israel supports divestment

    To the delegates of the Presbyterian church General Assembly,

    We at the Coalition of Women for Peace, Israeli citizens who are Muslim, Christian and Jewish grassroots activists, would like to thank you for considering your investments in companies that are part of the Israeli occupation industry. We express our support for the recommendation of the [...] Read more →

  • Denomination eyes ‘occupation’ profits

    Denomination eyes ‘occupation’ profits By Jason Cato Published: Wednesday, July 4, 2012, 11:40 a.m. The Presbyterian Church (USA) on Thursday could become the first major U.S. Christian denomination to divest funds from U.S. companies accused of illegally profiting from Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories, much to the chagrin of the local Jewish federation.

    The 220th [...] Read more →

  • Israeli Woman Says Divestment Is Part of Her Jewish Identity

    “No one should have their money in this. Espe­cially not a church.”

    An inter­view by (Rev.) Patrick David Heery of Elisha Baskin (pic­tured above), an Israeli young woman and mem­ber of Jew­ish Voice for Peace, on the topic of divest­ment in the occu­pa­tion of Palestine Source: (Unbound: An Interactive Journal of Christian Social Justice) [...] Read more →

  • Young, Jewish, and Proud video shown to Presbyterians

    Based on their moral and spir­i­tual Jew­ish val­ues, young Jews from Jew­ish Voice for Peace, urge Pres­by­te­ri­ans to sup­port the res­o­lu­tion for selec­tive divest­ment from Cater­pil­lar, Motorola Solu­tions, and Hewlett Packard because of their prof­i­teer­ing from Israeli occu­pa­tion and human rights abuses.

    “Fol­low your Con­science: A mes­sage to Pres­by­te­ri­ans from their young, Jew­ish allies”

    [...] Read more →

  • Mondoweiss reports on Presbyterian divestment vote

    Presbyterian committee passes call for divestment from occupation profiteers by Alex Kane on July 3, 2012 Caterpillar bulldozer, occupied territories

    The Presbyterian committee on the Middle East has voted overwhelmingly in favor of divesting from three companies whose products are used by the Israeli military.

    The vote this morning, with 36 in favor, 11 against [...] Read more →

  • Jews say: Divest for peace.

    View this document on Scribd Read more →

  • Presbyterian divestment proposal spurs heated debate

    July 3, 2012 9:12 am By Benjamin Mueller / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    The Committee on Middle East and Peacemaking Issues of the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly spent the day Monday locked in heated debate over a proposal to divest its funds from companies whose products are used by Israel to enforce occupation of the West [...] Read more →

  • Divest in Israel: Presbyterians should support Palestinian aspirations

    Divest in Israel: Presbyterians should support Palestinian aspirations July 2, 2012 1:06 pm By Roger Waters On Tuesday, I will be visiting Pittsburgh to perform my Pink Floyd hit “The Wall” at Consol Energy Center. By coincidence, the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) has gathered this week in Pittsburgh. One issue the Presbyterians [...] Read more →

  • Noah T Winer speaks for boycotts

    Good morning.

    My name is Noah Tatelbaum Winer, and I am a religious Jew from Philadelphia. This overture is about growing dates, and my family’s name is Yiddish for “date tree.” My family’s name embodies our historical connection to the date trees of biblical Israel. But my ancestors would be shocked to see how Israeli [...] Read more →

  • Rae Abileah speaks for boycotts

    My name is Rae Abileah. I am an American Jew with family in Israel and I support this overture. While in the West Bank three years ago I visited the Ahava cosmetics factory and was shocked to see that it is located in an illegal settlement in the Occupied Territories. Ahava means love in Hebrew, [...] Read more →

  • Lev Hirschhorn speaks for boycotts

    My name is Lev Hirschhorn. My father is a Rabbi, my mother is a Cantor, my sister leads a Jewish youth group and I am a member of AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps.

    Now, in my family we don’t always see eye-to-eye. I have been at countless passover meals which have turned into heated debates [...] Read more →

  • Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb speaks for divestment

    Shalom Aleichem, asalaamu aleikum. I am one of the first ten women rabbis in history. I’ve served the grassroots American Jewish community for 40 years. I speak for hundreds of thousands of Jews who oppose Israeli Occupation and want to see real change.

    My rebbe, Everett Gendler, convinced Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel to walk with [...] Read more →

  • Elisha Baskin speaks for divestment

    My name is Elisha Baskin, born and raised in west Jerusalem, Israel. I am here to ask – why are Palestinian children afraid of a yellow tractor?

    Throughout my life I have witnessed weaponized Caterpillar bulldozers tearing down civilian homes in the holy city of Jerusalem, leaving its inhabitants homeless, uprooting decade old olive trees [...] Read more →

  • Rabbi Alissa Wise speaks for divestment

    לֹא-תִשְׂנָא אֶת-אָחִיךָ, בִּלְבָבֶךָ; הוֹכֵחַ תּוֹכִיחַ אֶת-עֲמִיתֶךָ, וְלֹא-תִשָּׂא עָלָיו חֵטְא.

    Lo tinaseh et achicha bil’vavecha

    You shall not hate your fellow human being in your heart. Rebuke your fellow human being but incur no guilt because of this person.

    Leviticus 19:17

    I am Rabbi Alissa Wise, from Jewish Voice for Peace, leading a divestment campaign on [...] Read more →

  • Hedy Epstein speaks for divestment

    My name is Hedy Epstein. I am a German born, Jewish American. I was 8 years old when Hitler came to power and when the boycott of Jewish businesses occurred. My father owned a business and I saw a Nazi standing in front of our store.

    That boycott was to prevent gentiles from shopping in [...] Read more →

  • Liza Behrendt speaks for divestment

    My name is Liza Behrendt, and I am a Jewish volunteer corps member. I recently joined Christians, Muslims, and fellow Jews in Jerusalem to rebuild a Palestinian family’s home destroyed by Palestinian bulldozers. As we labored side by side, learning the Arabic words for “brick” and “mortar”, we knew the military could demolish our hard [...] Read more →

  • Ariel Vegosen speaks for divestment

    My name is Ariel Vegosen and I am a Jew who supports divestment. I live at the Stony Point Presbyterian Retreat Center in NY where I am part of a multi-faith community committed to nonviolence. I am proud and excited to say that everyday we are building strong relationships around difficult questions as Christians, Jews, [...] Read more →

  • Carolyn Klaasen speaks for divestment

    My name is Carolyn, and I am a Jew who is excited to have Presbyterians among our allies as leaders in ethical investing. You will be joining the Quakers, who divested their largest retirement fun of Caterpillar shares because they consider their armored bulldozers to be weapons. You’ll be joining TIAA-CREF, which recently divested 72 [...] Read more →

  • Bekah Wolf speaks for divestment

    Good Afternoon.

    My name is Bekah Wolf. I grew up in congeregation Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Fe, NM. I’m also in an interfaith relationship. In 2006, on my 4th trip to Israel/Palestine as an advocate for peace with Justice I met the man who would become my husband, a Palestinians farmer who was trying [...] Read more →

  • Sydney Levy speaks for divestment

    My name is Sydney Levy. I am for 15-11. I am Jewish, a graduate of Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Those that say that divestment will harm interfaith relations fail to recognize that American Jews are not a monolithic block and in fact positions are changing. Here’s an example. Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, who used to be [...] Read more →

  • Rae Abileah speaks against war in Iran

    My name is Rae Abileah. My family is from Israel. In March, on the 9th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, an Israeli father – Ronny Edry -posted an image on facebook of himself with his daughter and this banner that says “Iranians We Love You. We will never bomb your country.” Immediately, hundreds [...] Read more →

  • Ariel Vegosen speaks against war with Iran

    My name is Ariel Vegosen and I support the overture for peace with Iran. In 2008 I traveled to Iran on an interfaith peace delegation with the Fellowship of Reconciliation. I found the people of Iran are kind, generous, and passionate about peace just like all of us. I prayed with Christians, Jews, and Muslims, [...] Read more →

  • LEILA RICHARDS: It’s not about Israel, it’s about freedom

    By Leila Richards

    Published: Saturday, June 30, 2012, 9:00 p.m. The Presbyterian Church (USA) is holding its General Assembly in Pittsburgh this Independence Day week. Recently, 700 Presbyterian commissioners received an open letter from the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, signed by 15,000 people, asking them to reject the divestment of stock from [...] Read more →

  • Support Presbyterian Overture 15-2 laser-beam boycott of Ahava cosmetics

    Dear Presbyterian Delegates,As a Rabbi, for reasons deeply rooted in Torah, I am writing to support Overture 15-2 “On Boycotting Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories.” You have an opportunity to stand for human rights, peace and justice by supporting the overture to boycott Ahava cosmetics, which are made in a factory on occupied land with illegally [...] Read more →

  • Rabbinical Letter to Presbyterian Commissioners: On Stolen Beauty

    Dear Presbyterian Delegates,

    We are writing as Jewish clergy to show our support for Overture 15-2 “On Boycotting Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories and Hadiklaim (an Israeli Date Growers Cooperative).” You have an opportunity to stand for human rights, peace and justice by supporting the overture to boycott Ahava cosmetics, which are made in a factory [...] Read more →

  • Investment no substitute for divestment, says Palestinian Sam Bahour

    The below letter to US Presbyterians by Palestinian-American businessman Sam Bahour, published yesterday on Mondoweiss, explains which investment in Palestine, in the absence of divestment from Israel, only “underwrites the status quo of military occupation”. It is divestment, and not investment, that is most sorely needed, says Bahour. “We Palestinians don’t want a more beautiful [...] Read more →

  • Israeli group New Profile calls on Presbyterian Church to divest

    To Rev. Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk PCUSA

    Wednesday, June 20, 2012

    Dear Friends at PCUSA,

    Every organization and individual that wishes peace for Israelis and Palestinians needs to work towards ending Israel’s Military Occupation of Palestine–which is dastardly for the Palestinians and injurious for Israelis. To this end we encourage non-violent means of pressuring Israel’s [...] Read more →

  • Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb Responds to JCPA Letter to Presbyterians

    The Jewish Council for Public Affairs, a pro-Israel public relations organization, recently published a letter to the Presbyterian church in advance of its general assembly, to warn them against supporting divestment from companies supporting the occupation.

    Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb responds:


    June 8, 2012 Dear JCPA,

    I cannot sign this letter opposing PCUSA’s effort to [...] Read more →

  • JCPA Letter to Presbyterians: JVP, Sabeel Member Responds

    The Jewish Council for Public Affairs, a pro-Israel public relations organization, recently published a letter to the Presbyterian church in advance of its general assembly, to warn them against supporting divestment from companies supporting the occupation. David Glick, a member of Jewish Voice for Peace and Northern California Friends of Sabeel, responds:


    I am [...] Read more →

  • Debunking the Myth of Positive Investment

    Investment Adapting Advice and Counsel Memoranda from the Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy – by the Editors of Unbound: An Interactive Journal of Christian Social Justice

    JUNE 12TH, 2012

    Opponents to divestment have come out swinging. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they are mainly hitting air.

    This summer, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) General Assembly will [...] Read more →

  • Desmond Tutu: Justice requires action to stop subjugation of Palestinians (Tampa Bay Times)

    Justice requires action to stop subjugation of Palestinians

    By Desmond Tutu, special to the Times In Print: Tuesday, May 1, 2012

    Desmond Tutu

    A quarter-century ago I barnstormed around the United States encouraging Americans, particularly students, to press for divestment from South Africa. Today, regrettably, the time has come for similar action to force [...] Read more →

  • Caterpillar’s instransigence: Read the new MRTI Report

    Editor’s note: Here is a copy of the recently released report by the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s Mission Responsibility Through Investment (MRTI) Committee. It summarizes a recent meeting between Caterpillar and representatives of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the United Methodist Church. Both churches are considering whether to divest from Caterpillar. This report documents Caterpillar’s intransigence [...] Read more →

  • Christians of the Holy Land (CBS News)

    The exodus from the Holy Land of Palestinian Christians could eventually leave holy cities like Jerusalem and Bethlehem without a local Christian population. Bob Simon reports.

    Read more →

  • An open letter from Jeff Halper, of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions

    As the Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD), I have been proud to support the efforts of the Presbyterian Church to address Israel’s 45-year Occupation, and especially those of the Committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investment (MRTI), in translating a courageous moral stand against oppression into concrete actions.

    [...] Read more →

  • I support the Presbyterian Church (USA) divestment resolution

    As a Jew, a rabbi and a person of conscience, I am voicing my support of the divestment resolution being brought to the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) this June.

    [...] Read more →