Liza Behrendt speaks for divestment

My name is Liza Behrendt, and I am a Jewish volunteer corps member.  I recently joined Christians, Muslims, and fellow Jews in Jerusalem to rebuild a Palestinian family’s home destroyed by Palestinian bulldozers.  As we labored side by side, learning the Arabic words for “brick” and “mortar”, we knew the military could demolish our hard work at any moment.  As an act of population control, Israel systematically targets Palestinian schools, hospitals, churches, businesses, and playgrounds, including billions worth of infrastructure built through European investments.  Presbytarian investments would face similar risks, and would have limited economic impact given the occupation’s severe restrictions on land use, trade, movement, and natural resources.  Palestinians are asking us for divestment.  Investment is no substitute.  Join Jews like me in our movement for freedom and justice.  Thank you.

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