JVP salutes church’s boycott of settlement goods

Jewish Voice for Peace salutes the open letter from Gradye Parsons, Stated Clark of the General Assembly, where he reiterates the church’s support for a boycott of products manufactured in illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory. He explains that this action “is a response to a call by Palestinian civil society, as well as many in the Jewish community who are committed to a just peace. Israeli settlements have been built on occupied Palestinian territory and are illegal under international law. They are part of the ongoing confiscation of Palestinian land and displacement of Palestinian people, enforced by a system of walls, fences, and military checkpoints. Companies such as Sodastream seek to justify the location of their production facilities on illegally occupied Palestinian land by arguing that it allows them to provide employment for hundreds of Palestinians. The downside of that, of course, is that this arrangement, which may seem beneficial in the short term, actually perpetuates the injustice of the occupation. Our intent is that this use of economic pressure will encourage Sodastream and other companies profiting from the occupation to use their influence to support a genuine peace marked by an end of the occupation and justice for the people they are employing.”

Go here to read the full letter.

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