Hedy Epstein speaks for divestment

My name is Hedy Epstein. I am a German born, Jewish American. I was 8 years old when Hitler came to power and when the boycott of Jewish businesses occurred. My father owned a business and I saw a Nazi standing in front of our store.

That boycott was to prevent gentiles from shopping in Jewish stores. This call for BDS, unlike the Nazi government boycott has been called for by Palestinian people against companies profiting from Israeli occupation policies.

The boycott then deprived Jews of their rights. The boycott now returns rights to Palestinians, who have been deprived of them by the Israeli government.An analogy between the two boycotts is personally offensive to me, a Holocaust survivor.

Thus, I respectfully urge you to join me in rejecting this overture and divest.

Hedy Epstein
St. Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee

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