Elisha Baskin speaks for divestment

My name is Elisha Baskin, born and raised in west Jerusalem, Israel. I am here to ask – why are Palestinian children afraid of a yellow tractor?

Throughout my life I have witnessed weaponized Caterpillar bulldozers tearing down civilian homes in the holy city of Jerusalem, leaving its inhabitants homeless, uprooting decade old olive trees – at times the only source of livelihood for farmers, and constructing illegal hilltop settlements where Jews like myself could live but my Palestinian friends could not. There is no doubt – Caterpillar model D-9 is a weapon.

I am here representing boycott from within – Israeli citizens of conscience in support of the Palestinian non-violent call for divestment. We in Israel feel that we cannot change our own government alone –we need your help. Stand with Israelis like me and our Palestinian allies for peace – so children in Palestine will no longer fear the yellow tractor.

And remember – do no harm mean divesting from harm.

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