From Atlanta: JVP chapter’s letter to Atlanta’s Presbyterians

May 28, 2014

Dear Presbyterian Friends, Colleagues and Community,

This is a response to a letter from Rev. Joanna M. Adams, pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta and the church session.

We are Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) members in Atlanta who have been working with Presbyterians to support efforts for divestment and boycott […]

Jewish Voice for Peace Responds to the Discussion Paper drafted by the Ecumenical and Interreligious Work Group of the Presbytery of Chicago

Jewish Voice for Peace submitted this paper to the Ecumenical and Interreligious Work Group for inclusion as an attachment to “PCUSA Support for a Just and Peaceful Compromise,” but the Group refused to include it in the final paper, reportedly for fear that other Jewish groups would refuse to participate.

American Muslims for Palestine issued […]

JVP salutes church’s boycott of settlement goods

Jewish Voice for Peace salutes the open letter from Gradye Parsons, Stated Clark of the General Assembly, where he reiterates the church’s support for a boycott of products manufactured in illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territory. He explains that this action “is a response to a call by Palestinian civil society, as well as […]

Jewish Voice for Peace supports Presbyterian divestment from Israeli occupation

Oakland, CA, Feb 5, 2014 – Jewish Voice for Peace commends the Presbyterian Church (USA) as it considers divesting its assets from three multinational companies (Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola Solutions.) that profit from Israel’s military occupation and colonization of Palestinian lands. The recommendation to divest was issued by the socially responsible investment body of the […]

Join the Interfaith Coalition to Boycott SodaStream

We are Christians, Muslims, Jews, and other people of conscience calling on all consumers and stores to stop buying and selling SodaStream carbonation devices or other products made by this company. SodaStream manufactures these machines within an Israeli settlement in occupied Palestinian territory. These settlements are illegal under international law and are obstacles to peace. […]

Rabbi Alissa Wise speaks on Faith Communities and BDS

“Top Ten Things I learned from working with Christians on Divestment,” Rabbi Alissa Wise, Chicago, IL, September 13, 2012

Independent Jewish Voices commends United Church for finalizing stand against Israeli occupation

Ottawa (Aug 17, 2012)- “Independent Jewish Voices Canada (IJV) congratulates the United Church of Canada for finalizing its decision to boycott goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem,” says Sid Shniad, the group’s spokesperson.

“Facing charges of bias and anti-Semitism for even considering such action, Church members assembled at […]

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb’s letter to the commissioners at the United Church of Canada Conference

August 13, 2012

Dear Commissioners of the UCC,

I have enjoyed spending time with members of the United Church of Canada these past few days. Your devotion and commitment to peace and justice is a beautiful witness to your faith. I am writing you to encourage you accept the full report of the ME Committee […]

JVP endorses AMP’s boycott of settlement dates

Jewish Voice for Peace fully endorses the campaign by American Muslim for Palestine to make a date with justice by boycotting dates produced in Israeli settlements. We endorse boycotting of all settlement goods since the settlements are segregated communities, built on Palestinian land in contravention of international law, and the goods produced there often exploit […]

Targeted Boycotts and Divestments Are Pro-Israel

Coauthored by Michael Zigmond and Naftali Kaminski

Last week we attended the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) at the Pittsburgh Convention Center to listen to presentations and discussions of two resolutions of great relevance to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: namely, the boycott of products produced in Jewish settlements in the West Bank and […]