Carolyn Klaasen speaks for divestment

My name is Carolyn, and I am a Jew who is excited to have Presbyterians among our allies as leaders in ethical investing. You will be joining the Quakers, who divested their largest retirement fun of Caterpillar shares because they consider their armored bulldozers to be weapons. You’ll be joining TIAA-CREF, which recently divested 72 million dollars from Caterpillar. Even Morgan Stanley Capital International, the largest socially responsible indexing company in the US, has removed Caterpillar from their list of socially responsible investments.

I also was charged to bring you this message from Palestine.

My name is Nasser Nawajah, I’m 30 years old and live in a Palestinian village called Susiya in the occupied West Bank. Israel calls my home an “illegal outpost” and is about to come and demolish my village for the sixth time since I’ve been here.

Please do not profit from the destruction of our village. Stand with us. Divest from Caterpillar. Thank you

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