Bekah Wolf speaks for divestment

Good Afternoon.

My name is Bekah Wolf. I grew up in congeregation Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Fe, NM. I’m also in an interfaith relationship. In 2006, on my 4th trip to Israel/Palestine as an advocate for peace with Justice I met the man who would become my husband, a Palestinians farmer who was trying to retain his land against settlement expansion. I watched as Caterpillar bulldozers uprooted hundred-year-old vineyards. I have seen, with my own eyes, the Motorola cameras on the settlement fence built on my husband’s land. Forty percent of my husband’s land was taken. This was my daughter’s inheritance. No investment can get my husband’s land back. No investment can regrow hundred-year-old vines. No investment can return my daughter’s inheritance.

For that reason, we oppose positive investment and support divestment. Please, do what you can now. We must end the practice that takes the land in the first place.

Thank You.

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