Ariel Vegosen speaks against war with Iran

My name is Ariel Vegosen and I support the overture for peace with Iran. In 2008 I traveled to Iran on an interfaith peace delegation with the Fellowship of Reconciliation. I found the people of Iran are kind, generous, and passionate about peace just like all of us. I prayed with Christians, Jews, and Muslims, ate amazing food, saw ancient ruins, and beautiful modern markets. While by no means are things easy for Christians and Jews in Iran a US war on top of a strict regime will not bring religious freedom. I met with a lot of young Iranians who are seeking change and all of them expressed a desire NOT to enter war with America. War with Iran will make the whole middle east region including the holy land more unstable. We have an obligation as people of faith to declare using nonviolence and peace as our way of being with Iran and all nations.

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