About Us

Several Christian denominations have taken brave, constructive decisions to investigate whether their churches’ economic ties contribute to violence and oppression in Israel and Palestine. After ten years of research, deliberation, and a record of failed corporate engagement, the Presbyterian Church (USA) is reaching the conclusion that divesting from three companies is a moral imperative as a means to to ending the humiliation and brutality faced by Palestinians under occupation—an occupation that causes great harm to Israeli society as well.

The issue will be considered at the Presbyterian General Assembly in June this year.

This Passover...We support the church’s efforts to align its investments with its values. We believe that as long as one nation occupies another, neither can enjoy true peace and security. Investing in corporations that profit from the occupation is unethical. Examining the impact of these investments and choosing to divest is a practical, effective way for American Christians to do good rather than cause harm.

This website is a campaign of support started by Jewish Voice for Peace. Here we collect the voices of the thousands of Jews and allies who proudly support the steps taken by the Presbyterian Church (USA) to end its material support for the Israeli occupation.

Jewish Voice for Peace, the only national Jewish group that provides a voice for Jews and allies who believe that peace in the Middle East will be achieved through justice and full equality for both Palestinians and Jewish Israelis. With offices in California and New York, over 135,000 online supporters, over 35 chapters, a Rabbinical Council and an Advisory Board composed of many of the world’s best known Jewish thinkers and artists, JVP supports nonviolent efforts in the US and in Israel-Palestine to end Israel’s occupation, expand human and civil rights, and implement a US policy based on international law and democracy.