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We encourage your efforts to divest from corporations which profit from or support Israel’s occupation of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the siege of Gaza. As Jewish leaders who also work for justice and peace for the people of Palestine and Israel, we applaud your initiative and stand in solidarity with you.

Within North American Jewish communities, there is a growing desire to end our silence over Israel’s oppressive occupation of Palestine. Every day Jewish leaders – we among them – are stepping forward to express outrage over the confiscation of Palestinian land, destruction of farms and groves and homes, the choking of the Palestinian economy and the daily harassment against Palestinians. Members of our Jewish communities are increasingly voicing their support for nonviolent popular resistance against these outrages – including the kind of principled, targeted divestment efforts such as the Presbyterian Church (USA) is preparing to undertake.

The Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council

Join the growing number of interfaith clergy and lay people from different faith traditions united in their support for divestment from companies profiting from the Israeli occupation.
“We represent religious leaders, lay people and clergy from different faith-rooted traditions who support the Presbyterian Church in its quest to align its prophetic principles with actions that support the end of Israeli Occupation. We endorse the overtures that support boycott and divestment.”

Rabbis: A message to our Presbyterian friends

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  • Presbyterian Divestment: An Evaluation of Anti-Divestment Claims and Assumptions Read more: Presbyterian Divestment: An Evaluation of Anti-Divestment Claims and Assumptions

    by Holly Bicerano

    The Presbyterian Church has received a heavy backlash recently for its decision to divest from three US companies that are aiding the Israeli occupation. The accusations against the Presbyterians and supporters of BDS have continued with little attention to detail. There is a lot to be said concerning the nature of the [...] Read more →

  • Inside the Presbyterians’ Divestment from the Occupation of Palestine

    by Carolyn Klaasen (pictured above, left, with Union M.Div. student Emily Brewer)

    On June 20 I sat in the stands of the Cobo Convention Center in Detroit, hands gripping those of my neighbor, waiting as the votes of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) were slowly tallied on screen. When the final [...] Read more →

  • No, Presbyterian Divestment Is Not Anti-Semitic

    By Elisheva Goldberg

    Yesterday, Jane Eisner, with whom I most often agree, wrote about the Presbyterian vote to divest from Caterpillar, Hewlett-Packard, and Motorola Solutions. These are three companies that reportedly participate in the Israeli occupation of the West Bank by providing heavy equipment for the construction of the barrier-fence, the destruction of Palestinian homes [...] Read more →

  • Grapple with Reality


    In response to “How a radical anti-Israel Jewish group colluded with the U.S. Presbyterian Church” (Eric Yoffie, June 23). Rabbi Eric Yoffie refuses to grapple with the reality of the occupation or to address the role Jewish American institutions play in repressing concrete actions to end Israel’s ongoing human rights violations against Palestinians. How [...] Read more →

  • The Presbyterian Divestment Vote: Toward a New Model of Community Relations

    By Brant Rosen

    Jews and Presbyterians pray together during deliberations at the 2014 Presbyterian General Assembly in Detroit

    In the wake of the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s recent decision to divest from three companies that profit from Israel’s occupation, Jewish establishment leaders have been expressing their displeasure toward the PC(USA) in no uncertain terms.

    [...] Read more →